Anderson International Corp and Ottevanger Milling Engineers have collaborated to form Anderson Feed Technology.

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Anderson Feed Technology

A few decades after the Expeller® press was introduced to the oilseed industry, the Expander-Extruder-Cooker™ was developed for animal feed.

Through experimentation, Anderson International discovered that running the expeller at higher shaft speeds, the addition of steam/water injection, a solid barrel, and a specialized discharge the screw press could be used to efficiently and continuously cook feed materials and form them into a uniform structure for enhanced nutrient absorption in all types of animals.

Much like the Expeller®, the Expander-Extruder-Cooker™ formed the backbone of a new processing system for producing all manners of feeds such as pet food, animal feed, and aqua feed.

Today, Anderson is servicing this industry in partnership with Ottevanger Milling Engineers to supply both extruded and pelleted feed solutions through Anderson Feed Technology.

Shown here: Anderson Feed Technology Extrusion System

Complete systems, process training, maintenance training, spare parts, and individual equipment supply services are available.

Anderson Feed Technology leverages the expertise of both parent companies, establishing a strong presence that provides a wide variety of Feed Mill and Cereal related solutions to existing and new clients in the United States and Canada. Thanks to its expert know-how, 245 years of total experience, Anderson Feed Technology is the ideal partner for the implementation of your project.

Our expertise lies in; engineering, production, and installation of machinery and complete installations in the dry-cereal and grain processing industry such as:

  • AndersonFeed_logo-newFeed mills
  • Premix and concentrate plants
  • Aquafeed and Pet food installations
  • Cereal processing lines
  • Biomass installations