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Anderson’s high-shear extruder system reduces the number of steps for oilseed preparation, doubles pressing capacity, increases profitability, and extends the life of your oilseed equipment.

“The Anderson Extruder doubles the capacity of oil presses and replaces expensive steam-heated cooking vessels. It’s win-win for profitability.”

Enrique Diaz, Oilseed Processing Specialist, Sales Director

Anderson’s High-Shear Extrusion System
The Dox Extruder and Expeller Press

The Dox (Dry Oilseed EXtruder) is designed to mechanically shear, cook, and dry the material being processed for improved oil recovery.

The Expeller can press over 100 metric tons per day (MTPD) in a single machine with residuals as low as 5%.

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As The Plant Protein Market Takes Off, Extrusion Technology Proves Crucial

Good news for oilseed processors: the plant protein market is heading towards an all-time high with a growing emphasis on nutrition and the environment.

Processors have the potential for high profits as the market expands, but these gains are dependent on meeting specific conditions of the growing consumer demand.

Not all established processing methods pair with these latest consumer demands. One method of processing – high-shear extrusion – stands out for its ability to meet the needs of health and environment-conscious consumers.

“We have presses older than most of our competitors have been in this industry.”

Eric Stibora, Oilseed Processing Specialist, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Three things you need to know about profitability for soybean oil processing

1. Traditional oilseed preparation is inefficient

One of the most common concerns in soybean oil processing today is the number of steps required to prepare the oilseed for a press. Each step is an additional cost that impacts profitability.

  1. Shearing to rupture the soybean’s oil-bearing structure and create frictional heat
  2. Cooking to break down anti-nutritional factors and stabilize proteins
  3. Drying to remove excess moisture

Traditional oilseed preparation requires a series of machines using energy-draining equipment like steam batch cooking vessels and dryers. This increases initial investment costs, maintenance costs, downtime, and requires more space.

2. The Dox High-Shear Extruder combines oilseed processes in a single machine

The Anderson Dox Extruder is designed to mechanically shear, cook, and dry soybeans without expensive steam-heated cooking vessels. The Dox deactivates harmful enzymes, flash-dries excess moisture, and cooks the proteins for more efficient pressing – all in one machine.

3.The Dox generates profitable results

  • Doubles the capacity of the expeller press
  • Replaces expensive steam-heated cooking vessels
  • Lengthens the life of the pressing parts (Average rebuild of a press without an extruder is 22-24 weeks.  Average rebuild of a press with an extruder is 48-52 weeks.)
  • Reduces meal oil residuals to under 6%



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