Anderson is a complete resource for processors

Anderson provides processing solutions that solve our clients’ biggest challenges and achieve outstanding results. From engineering and installation to training and maintenance, our certified team is dedicated to tailoring end-to-end solutions that meet your needs now and lay a foundation of success for the future.

We pride ourselves on, not only being a Gold Standard manufacturer for processing systems and plant designs, but being a complete resource for processors in the oilseed extraction, synthetic rubber drying, and animal feed industries. 


Engineering Services

Designing complete processing systems, which allow each unit operation to function in unison, is a complicated and complex task. Anderson engineers begin with advice on equipment selections based on specific needs and budgets. Our engineering department works with you to develop a full plant design around the specified equipment.


Installation and Commissioning

Before production can begin in a newly installed or recently updated plant, there is a vital, yet often overlooked step of commissioning and final review pre-startup. Though getting the system working for the first time can be the exciting payoff to plenty of time and energy invested, it’s crucial to have an experienced team look over the entire system with a critical eye to avoid costly issues and troubleshoot any mishaps. The safe and seamless functioning of the new system must be assured before testing can occur, not only for the safety of the individual plant parts, but also for the team working on it. 

We take all the steps necessary to ensure new machinery works in the most efficient way possible. We support local contractors doing the construction and installation of a new site to ensure the physical plant aligns with our recommendations.


Operation and Process Training

When used properly, we are confident that Anderson’s equipment works to meet our customers’ processing requirements for decades with limited downtime for maintenance. For this reason, Anderson puts an emphasis on effective training for operating a new facility and onsite training is incorporated into every sale of our processing systems. Our engineers develop standard operating procedures for each system and provide on-site operational training for the production team. We fly our engineering experts all around the world to educate processors on our equipment so it sustains a long and efficient lifetime of processing.

Our process training is tailored to each client in order to get the most of out of their processing system. Anderson also offers audits to examine how to maximize production efficiency while minimizing production costs.


Plant Maintenance / Field Service

To keep your processing plant running smoothly, or to explore areas for improvement, we provide troubleshooting of equipment, operational training, maintenance training, and plant-wide optimization.

In the processing industry, where equipment is expected to run around the clock, we know every second counts. While Anderson’s machinery is designed to require as little maintenance downtime as possible, there are specific responsibilities to keep machinery working smoothly for decades to come. Our engineers have worked on over 12,000 units, 1,000 plant installations, in over 100 countries, and they have witnessed the pitfalls of poor maintenance. Proper care for Anderson’s systems is the number one reason why Anderson installations from the 1920s are still in operation today!

We pride ourselves on providing top customer service and sticking by our products for their entire lifetime, not just through an installation.



Only Anderson provides original OEM parts for Anderson Expellers® and Expanders. OEM parts are critical for maintaining optimum performance in the equipment, ensuring a long life for the processing equipment and maintaining equipment warranties. Contact our customer service department to request a quote or explore our dedicated inventory program.